Consorzio per la ricerca e lo sviluppo di

tecnologie per il TRAsporto INnovativo


The TRAIN Consortium aims to develop and transfer to the Italian industry, through a process of research and development, technologies and innovative systems in the field of transport, logistics, energy and ICT.

TRAIN operates not-for-profit, mostly using the expertise provided by the Consortium Members and using national and regional community co-financing.

It implements, in partnership with public and private stakeholders, both in National and European scope, projects that require the direct involvement of end users in order to ensure the socio-economic validity of the applications of the results obtained.


Head Office Address: 
Strada Statale 106 km.419+500
c/o Centro Ricerche ENEA Trisaia
75026 Rotondella (MT)
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REA Number: MT - 64425
VAT/Fiscal Code: 00673630778

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