Consorzio per la ricerca e lo sviluppo di

tecnologie per il TRAsporto INnovativo


TRAIN, Consortium for research and development of technologies for innovative transportation, was born in 1998 on the initiative of ENEA with the aim to promote, through its activities, the Research and Development of innovative systems and technologies in the field of transport of goods and people, and to promote the transfer of the results achieved to the Italian industrial system.

In the recent past, as a result of the changes introduced by the technological development in the field of transport and logistics, and thanks to the expertise of its Consortium Members, TRAIN has expanded its activities and interests in the energy sector and ICT.

The Consortium aims to promote and accomplish, especially in southern Italy, the research and development of innovative technologies in the field of transport and logistics, and their transfer to the Italian industry, including Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) even using for this purpose national, regional, community funding and the provision of qualified services to the sector operators.

The Consortium is configured as an element of great importance in the integration strategy with research facilities in southern Italy by providing the necessary support in their area of expertise.

The mission of the TRAIN Consortium comes initially from the desire to make the transport and logistics not only a factor of economic development, but also a factor of improvement of life, both for businesses and individuals. This concept has characterized the intervention policy of the TRAIN Consortium research sector, paying particular attention to the environment and strongly supporting the development of intermodality as a crucial factor in the management of transport services (especially of goods).

The extent of the areas of expertise to energy and ICT has strengthened the original mission of TRAIN, energy and ICT being today one of the most important factors of global economic development and having them have a fundamental impact on the quality of life of the people.