Consorzio per la ricerca e lo sviluppo di

tecnologie per il TRAsporto INnovativo



POSTRAIN (2009/2014)

POSTRAIN Programme

SICURFER (2011/2014)

Innovative technologies for the safe circulation of railway vehicles

SIFEG (2010/2015)

Integrated rail - road freight

SUSTRAIL (2010/2015)

The SUSTainable freight RAILway

CREEM (2013/2015)

Control Room for Energy and Maintenance Efficiency

AMICO (2010/2015)

Automation for Intelligent Monitoring of Consumption

The proposal (Mise Notice - Industry 2015) is aimed at the design and construction of an innovative Multi-Electromotive Unit (EMU) configuration consisting of two locomotives. The program will include both industrial research and experimental development that will be related to different subsystems of the innovative Electromotive and will lead to the construction of a working prototype with industrial manufacturability consisting of two locomotives completely set, complete with all the equipment, facilities and systems.

The project (MIUR PON Notice 2007/2013) aims to develop a system of supervision and control of rail infrastructure and fleets vehicles, with a module for decision support for maintenance, divided into a series of unit-specific sensitive diagnostic elements, fixed and mobile, accurate and extensive of the rail system. The work plan includes a demonstration on the field of "fixed" diagnostics at the Circumvesuviana network and the diagnostics on board of the vehicle in partnership with RFI.

The program (Mise Notice - Industry 2015) stems from the awareness that in order to achieve a " safe, integrated and timely multi-modal system, for the transport of goods in the medium and long-range" is necessary to operate with an integrated view of all the critical points of the transport chain. SIFEG is configured as a suite consisting of a range of integrated solutions interoperable with each other and also, where necessary, with other systems (primarily with the computing national platform of interconnecting intermodal nodes that UIRNet is developing in accordance with the agreement signed with the Ministry of of Transportation). Therefore SIFEG may be offered on the market in its entirety (eg during the construction of a new terrestrial intermodal hub or for the enhancement of an existing one), or offering only some of the subsystems that constitute it.

The Project (FP7) aims to encourage the competitiveness of rail freight proposing an integrated intervention for improvement of railway freight wagon and railway equipment, with a holistic approach that aims to achieve greater reliability and higher performance of the rail freight system , as well as greater convenience for operators. The intervention is based on innovations in rolling stock and vehicles for defined high speeds and higher axle loads, integrated with innovations on the components of a railway (for high reliability and low maintenance requirements) combined for the transit of goods and passengers. The benefits will be quantized with the study of appropriate business cases, with estimation of the savings valued on the life cycle. The definite solutions will be demonstrated on real railway lines, geographically large and of different types, speeds and traffic flow.

It 's a project (POR FESR Sicily 2007/2013) whose purpose is to develop and test the DSS - Decision Support System - ie a demonstrative computer system for decision support to improve management techniques for energy services and maintenance of buildings, identifying the most appropriate methodologies to increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impacts at the global level, making synergy between components so far considered individually.

The project aims to create a decision support technology platform for monitoring the consumptions, the energy and the security of the "ship system" during navigation, when maneuvering and in port.


(Sorted by date of completion)

FERRO (1999/2000)

Centre for Development and demonstration of innovative technologies for rail transport


Development and testing of a methodology for the assessment of the risk arising from maritime transport of dangerous goods


Implementation of tools and products for the implementation of innovative processes of multimodal logistics


Preliminary study for the expansion and development of the port of Corigliano (CS)

ERANET (2002/2004)

Exemplary research and development network for technology transfer in land transport and marine technologies

SITRAC (2003/2004)

Research on simulators to support the development of an intermodal transport network based on cabotage

PANTOGRAFI (2003/2004)

Wheel and pantograph diagnostics

TELELOG2000 (2001/2005)

System for logistic control and the maintenance of means for moving

SETRAM (2002/2005)

Implementation of an expert system with simulation features of the modes of freight transport and the selection of paths based on metacriteria

TADIRAM (2002/2005)

Developing technologies and advanced systems for the distribution and collection of goods in the sustainable city

SINAVE (2003/2005)

Innovative system of intermodal transport based on the use of fast ships

AGROLOGIS (2003/2007)

Strengthening of the intermodal logistics chain dedicated to the agro-industrial sector of the South of Italy

CAESAR (2005/2007)

Coordination action for the european strategic agenda of research on intermodalism and logistics

STRAL (2004/2008)

System of lateral transshipment container

SIMMI (2004/2008)

Development of technologies for the realization of an integrated system and the monitoring and maintenance of railway infrastructures

NEW OPERA (2005/2008)

New European Wish: Operating Project for European Rail Network

SITI (2004/2009)

Security in smart tunnels

INTERAGRO (2005/2009)

Methods and tools for the integrated supply chain in the agri-food

INVIA (2006/2009)

Virtual integration of the system of road haulage

C.C.I.T. (2008/2009)

"Transport Innovation Centre of Competence"

ATP (2001/2010)

Transport management system with variable demand in the historical center of Sassari

BITRAS (2007/2010)

"Biofuel for Sustainable transport"

EIRAC II (2008/2011)

European intermodal research advisor council

CNR (2008/2011)

Development of exports of agri-food products in the South of Italy

TRAMP (2007/2012)

"Integrated system of management and control for the safe transport of dangerous goods"

SAFER (2007/2012)

"Active Safety in Railway Systems"

TIGER (2009/2012)

"Transit via Innovative Gateway concepts solving European-Intermodal Rail needs"

ECOWILL (2010/2013)

"Ecodriving-widespread Implementation for Learners and Licensed Drivers"

EFRUD (2010/2013)

"Emissions Free Refrigerated Urban Distribution"

MARATHON (2011/2014)

Evaluation of indicators relating to environmental, economic and social aspects of sustainability of the application of the Marathon solution in the freight corridor Paris-Lyon-Marseille

TIGER DEMO (2011/2013)

Trans-Rail integrated goods european-express routes demonstrators